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‘With digital teaching tools I am able to understand concepts visually’

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Ajab Rangoonwala, a class topper studying in Class VIII in Delhi School of Excellence speaks about balancing long hours of study and extracurricular activities. She is clear-headed and studies with a purpose in mind. She reveals she enjoys Mushairas as mush as Maths!

How do you prepare for exams?

I understand what I read and write. I never do anything blindly. As I pay attention in class and focus on understanding the content I study the notes just once before exams. I always tend to prepare in the last minute but I always make notes even as I read to study for exams. When I write something I understand it better. In any case, thorough preparation once before exams suffices.

How do you deal with pressure from parents and peers to be the best?              

It’s tough. I reach home at 3.45pm and then, have to sit down with my Maths tutor for an hour. After that, I do my homework for about two hours. I wake up at 6am every day and when I have to study for exams I make it a point to start studies at 4am.

What are the extracurriculars you excel in?

I took part in Mushaira recently and spoke about Hyderabad. Each one of us spoke about one aspect of the city. In my previous school, I could not get many opportunities to speak in public. Here, I find that the teachers are extremely encouraging.

I also anchored annual celebrations and took part in plays. For plays, I don’t prefer to memorize my parts. I just understand the content and speak in my own words.

How do find tech-aided teaching tools in class?

I don’t think these tools are absolutely needed but it’s handy when you want to understand a concept visually. It makes it easier to visualize what it being taught.

Do you get a lot of homework to do?

Not really. It’s very moderate and I try not to pile work up.

What career do you want to choose?

I like creative professions. So, maybe interior designing.