Be a Proactive Explanation Guide

Mrs. Ahmedi Taj is a Maths teacher in Delhi School of Excellence and teaches classes 6th, 7th and 8th.  She believes that as every student is not the same, teaching strategy can also not be same and shares how she manages effectively, teaching and grooming students with Next Gurukul.

Q. How do you integrate digital education in your teaching strategy?

Considering that digital education primarily deals with the audio-visual content, understanding maths becomes extremely easy for the students. Along with the practical presentation I simultaneously explain the concept as well so that the students are not restricted to the just the visuals. The visual content is only understood by the students effectively, when it is communicated and conveyed properly by a teacher. I try to be the bridge between the two, so that the understanding becomes easy and interactive.

Q. How do you help students with Maths Phobia?

The first thing to remember is that ‘Maths Phobia’ is just a term and there is nothing real to it. We get scared of something only when we let it scare us. It is just a term which has been heard from long and students who are not so good at maths easily relate to it.  I try to motivate such students with giving different examples of the same concept to make it easy for them. It is important to make them believe that maths is nothing to be scared of, but in fact easy enough if practiced regularly.

Q. What should the up-coming teachers focus on?

Every teacher upcoming or current must never forget to upgrade herself. She should be a keen reader and must work like a proactive explanation guide. There is always something to learn from children as well, and hence one should never feel shy. Open out to the children and you will realize that teaching is extremely easy. Browse the internet to increase your subject knowledge on a daily basis. You may also ask the students to make worksheets and then interchange the same to help them practice. Place your child or yourself in the place of children, you will know what they want.

Q. How should children study maths?

Maths requires only one thing to top and that is Practice. Only 15-30 mins of everyday practice for every concept will make you start loving it. Be calm while doing maths and push yourself towards the results, tell your mind that yes you can solve it and in no time you will get the answer. Always be positive.