Give Yourself a Target

Abhishek GS who studies in class 8th of Orchids International School is one of the toppers. He is deeply into sports while being on top in academics. He tells how he manages to float on top along with digging deeper to Next Gurukul.

Q. What is your strategy to manage both academics and sports?

One need’s to give enough priority to the respective work at hand for effective management. I take studying as my responsibility at this age and the only thing I have at hand where I need and want to excel. On the other hand, playing football is my hobby and stress buster too, so it comes simultaneously. Being a student, I make sure that I give my best shot when studying and keep everything out of mind. One can fix a place to study, where he/she would neither be disturbed by any person nor the irrelevant things. Set a target for yourself to be completed in a specified time and make sure that you try your level best to achieve it.

Q. How do you work on your memory and concentration power?

Reading is an amazing way to increase both your knowledge and concentration power. When we can read a novel or book with full interest without letting anything distract us, then the same strategy can be applied while studying too.

Also, I like solving the Rubik’s cube. On an average, it takes me only 20 sec to solve it and my best is 12sec. Rubik’s cube is a great exercise not only for one’s brain but also for improving hand and eye coordination and problem solving capacity. It is the best example of true learning and even improves the spatial awareness in a person.

Q. What is the key ingredient to success?

A number of ways are being initiated to help students give away with the rote-learning system and adopt new ways of enhancing every skill in them. We should hence make most of what is coming our way ranging from smart classes to the various competitions like ASL, PSA, etc.

Use the smart classes to enhance your imagination further with the help of the visuals. When it comes to the competitions the motive should be to participate rather than aiming for winning or losing. Participate in GK Quizzes to help you increase your confidence and self-motivation. All these together will surely lead you to the path of success, no matter what comes your way.