More the Practice, Better is the Understanding

Grace Anthony is a teacher at Secunderabad Public School who teaches Physics, Chemistry and Maths to classes 9th and 10th. She shares her tactics and experience in teaching and managing children with Next Gurukul.

Q. How do you use the smart classes in your teaching method?

I always ask my students to read at home what I will be teaching in the next class. This helps them in getting an idea of what is coming, thereby making them understand quicker and easily, when that repective concept is taught in the class through smart classes. In fact, asking them to go through the content first also keeps up their imaginative power working as they first try to understand and imagine on their own. Post this when they are taught through visuals in class, the concepts get clearer and easy.

Q. How much homework do you give your students?

Considering that I teach to classes 9th and 10th, you can’t expect students to do lots of homework. They are big enough to understand the importance of homework. I nevertheless emphasize on the importance of practice especially in the practical subjects. The more one practices, the better and clearer is the concept to him.

Q. Advice for students, teachers and parents?

Students: Have knowledge about your subject. Instead of simply getting the marks, focus on gaining knowledge. Once you understand a concept or chapter, marks will automatically flow in.

Teachers: Be thruthful to your profession. Understand what a child wants and be patient while teaching. Temper is never the first resort but always the last resort, which as far as possible should be avoided.

Parents: Gadgets are good to use and learn from, but you need to alot time for the same. Don’t let your children stuck to these all time. Be friendly with your child and ensure you know what he is doing especially when browsing through internet.