Practice Makes a Man Perfect

Mariam Mir Azmath Ali who studies in class X in Progress Global School is one of the toppers in her school. She shares her experience and strategies to reach the top and maintain the same with Next Gurukul.

Q. How beneficial are smart classes for learning?

Smart classes or digital education has changed the learning aspect of students largely. However, I rather than just looking at the screen, instead try to understand the concept on the basis of two factors i.e. how and why. I’d say that students should not be dependent on smart classes and visuals, but take it as a helper. Go through the portion to be taught in the next class beforehand so that you are at the same level as the teacher when being taught.

Q. You are into lots of sports and co-curricular activities too. How do you get along with multitasking?

I play Football, Badminton, Tennis and even Volleyball as all these together keep me going strong both physically and mentally. Though playing sports is directly proportional to physical stress, it somehow rejuvenates me up to a great extent. I feel fresh and not-at-all tired when I come back from my sport sessions. I right away sit for studies just after a splash of cool water on my face. I say that every student must take up a sport activity, big or small doesn’t matter. Trust me it works wonders in your journey to the top.

Q. You recently won a debate competition? Any specific tactic for it?

Debate competition or extempore is something which instills huge confidence in oneself. Standing in front of a huge crowd and putting up your point or opinion, knowing that you are being judged at the same time needs bags of courage. The best way to practice for debates or work upon your speaking skills, is to stand in front of the mirror and talk.

Mirror is the best friend when it comes to displaying your true emotions and expressions. You will understand yourself the areas you need to work upon, if you practice in front of mirror. In fact, every student must participate in competitions like this, with keeping the winning and losing factor out of their minds.

Q. What is your strategy for Time Management?

Time management is not that tricky and just requires some presence of mind. For instance, I always make running notes when being taught. When revising the content taught in the class, sometimes going through your running notes, makes it far more easy to understand within no time as compared to go through the textbook explanation. Utilizing every minute in classrooms, saves you hours of time at home when revising.

Q. How should students build up the zeal to study?

The one thing which I do and advice my fellow students also is to Practice. Practice definitely makes a man perfect and there is no doubt about that. Do whatever you like, but make sure you practice enough regularly. Practice is never enough at any point of time, so never think that if you practiced for 2 hours yesterday, you can take 30mins rest today, as this is the time when your competitor is still practicing. Utilize every minute.

Do lots of mind exercises, to keep your concentration power and presence of mind on the highest note. Playing games like Sudoku, riddles and even math puzzles, not only keeps you away from worthless activities, but instead gives you a break, freshen u up and prove to be adequate time utilization, all in one go.