Self Help is The Best Tool to Succeed

Divya Kedia, a class X student in Meridian School, Hyderabad is one of the toppers and makes the school proud. She shares with Next Gurukul how she manages to be on top and copes with the increasing pressure and competiton.

Q. How do you cope with the building pressure in this competitive world?

I believe in early morning studies and diligently practice it too. I have realized studying early mornings, helps me understand the concept easily and quickly rather than taking up the same in the evening or late night. The mind is fresh and it has lots of space to take things in. Also, pressure builds up only when either we procrastinate things or we don’t have enough faith in ourselves. If we know we can achieve something and move towards it step by step every day, the world doesn’t seem competitive enough.

Q. You are an extremely enthusiastic sportsperson too. How do you manage your time?

It’s quite simple, I love whatever I do. I play Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Chess, Badminton and even Cricket. I believe whatever we love doing, we always find time for it. I advise the same to other students also, never whine about having less time; Michelangelo, Mother Theresa, Leonardo Da Vinci and Albert Einstein had the same number of hours as we, if they can, we can too. However, in the midst of your hobbies and passion, never lose grip on studies, it is equally important.

Q. What’s your way out for Stress Management?

I do all the activities happily throughout my day inclusive of hobbies and studies so I don’t feel that stressed out. However, there are times when I do get tired. In such times, I take a small break to freshen up both my body and mind. I do an activity to lighten up the atmosphere and mind like listening to music, dance, painting, etc. These things are meant to ease the soul and trust me, they do.

Q. Should students participate in the various competitions like ASL, SGAI, PSA being introduced by CBSE?

Undoubtedly yes. Participating in such activities, helps us in knowing where our interest and skills are. We explore ourselves upto such an extent that at times, we come up with a skill we never knew existed within us. I say that winning or losing is never important, what’s important is participation. We already lose if we don’t participate, but participation will make us feel, at least we tried.

Q. Any suggestions for fellow students?

Self-help is the best tool to succeed. You may be required to ask help, but that’s ok, keep in mind, help is given only to those who seek it. Try, try and try till you succeed, there is no other way to success than hard work, determination and practice.