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Low Learning Levels of Students Prompt Overhaul of Mathematics, Marathi Books


Maharashtra state board books for grades I-IV are all set to be changed from the academic year 2018-19. In addition all textbooks from grades I-IX will undergo a thorough re-examination.


Reports, by both state and outside agencies, have indicated low learning levels among the students, thereby compelling the board to take the decision. The state education department will form two new teams who will be invested with the responsibility to improve the quality of Mathematics and Marathi in schools. A link on the website of Vidya Pradhikaran, the body which looks after curricula development in schools run by the state, urges experts to express their interest in the matter and become part of the teams.


Though the move is an appreciable one, it is being questioned by some activists citing that a similar team of curricula developers had been formed by the state government just two years back. everyone selected for the committee two years back are required to apply again. Citing textbooks as the greatest factor behind students’ low learning levels, Nand Kumar, principal secretary, school education, said, “The board of studies will be revamped entirely . All existing team members can reapply as can other applicants. An expert committee will select competent people, who can change the textbooks drastically . We will make sure that continuity is maintained from Std I to Std XII so changes can be expected in later classes as well.”