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Difficultly with School Teacher

Veena Raizada
Difficultly with School Teacher
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Sometimes, parents may find that a teacher may not be suitable for their children or vice-versa. This becomes extremely difficult once the school begins. Follow the steps mentioned below to sort it all out:

The very first step is to talk calmly with the teacher and if matters are really serious, make as many conversations as needed. If you still remain discontented, involve the principal. However, get specific about your concerns like the teaching method messing up with your child’s style of learning, negative attitude shown towards your kid or the way of handling bullying or other social situation by the teacher. Be sure of your botheration when you bring such concerns to light.

Involvement of the principal in the conversation may not help in a great way but will surely drive the conversation to a conclusive end. Such scenarios usually happen with primary school children, especially when children and teachers both are new to the system, thus resulting in misunderstandings.

A principal helps in making the conversation fruitful by listening to both the sides being neutral and taking decision as well as making changes accordingly.

However, before raising any such issues, parents must listen to their child as well and identify the areas where he/she is facing problems. They should try to make him/her understand if the problems are not much significant. Experts say that changing teacher or class of a child is not that fruitful, as he/she will have to understand and adjust as per the new teacher and vice-versa, which again can be a challenge for him/her.

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Veena Raizada
Veena Raizada

With more than 40 years of experience in school education, Ms Raizada has conducted approximately 1000 training sessions for teachers, students and parents. She is also a pioneer in developing technology-enabled products.


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