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Effective tips to perform well in exams

Effective tips to perform well in exams
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So, your examination is just around the corner and you are putting your best efforts to perform well. Apart from your hard work and the level of preparation, some other factors, such as your physical and mental health, have a significant impact on your performance during examinations.

Here are some easy-to-follow tips that will help you perform well during examinations.

Go to bed early: Sleep early on the day before the examination. This will allow your body and mind to take enough rest. It is scientifically proven that our body and mind get deep relaxation when we sleep at night. Next morning, wake up early and revise important lessons. If it’s a Maths exam, then revise formulae once again so that they stay fresh in your mind and if it’s social studies, revise all historical dates, regions and names of rulers (corresponding to, say, the battles they fought). If possible, do not learn anything new in the morning just before the exam (you should have learnt enough by then) and do not spend much time studying. Morning time is the time to brush up what all you have learnt so far.

Eat a wholesome breakfast: Eat fruits, toast and protein-rich food in the morning before leaving for your examination. Protein provides stress-endurance. Eating banana in breakfast is a good idea because it is a muscle relaxant. But never include cheese, rice, butter and oily foods in your breakfast, as these foods can make you feel drowsy. It is good to know that dark chocolate is good for your brain.

Relax: Remember that you preparation time will be over the moment you arrive in the exam centre. And there is nothing more you can do. Even if you fret and get anxious, you will probably be unable to perform as per your expectation. So, relax and focus on your exam paper.

Be well-prepared: This is vital especially if you are appearing in a Maths exam. Make sure that all the necessary instruments, such as compass, protractor and calculator (if it is allowed in the exam center) are in good order. Ensure that your calculator has a brand new pair of batteries. Also, it’s vital to have at least two pens and pencils in good working condition, especially if it’s a social science or an English exam.

Maintain pace: Make sure that you read all questions before answering them. Also, allocate specific time for each question. Thereafter, start with the question that you are confident with. Always attempt the questions first that are fresh in your mind. This way, you don’t need to spend much time thinking of answers.

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