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How to improve your English grammar

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Many students cannot do well in English due to their shallow knowledge of grammar. It is true that most of the people overlook grammatical mistakes in their day-to-day conversations. However, when it comes to writing English flawlessly, grammar holds immense importance. This is the main reason why many fluent speakers make grammatical errors at the time of writing. Therefore, if you want to improve your English, the first thing you need to do is to get rid of grammatical mistakes while speaking.

Besides, it is equally important to learn as well as use the basic rules of English grammar. Some of these rules are as follows:

Tense: You should have an in-depth understanding of various tenses. Remember, many people tend to use tense erroneously. For example, many students say ‘I had come’ instead of ‘I have come’. Learn each type of tense and its appropriate use.

Subject-Verb agreement: It is another important area of English grammar and not only students but many fluent speakers also fail to follow this. For example, many people tend to write–each boy and each girl are (instead of is) invited.

Article: If you want to improve your knowledge of English grammar, you should also learn the appropriate use of definite and indefinite articles. You should know where to use ‘An’ instead of ‘A’ and where to use ‘The’ instead of ‘A or An.’

Appropriate preposition: Students commonly make prepositional errors. Therefore, you must know appropriate prepositions. For example, you should know whether to use ‘about’ or ‘of’ along with the word ‘afraid’ or when to use ‘of’ with the word ‘comprise’ and so on. Although many people ignore prepositional errors, such errors can spoil any good write-up.

Voice: The appropriate use of voice can make any write-up worth reading. Students should have a good understanding of when to use active voice and when to use passive voice. It is true that you cannot master this in a day; however, regular practice will enable you to use voices appropriately in your write-up.

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