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How to Increase Your Learning Capacity

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How to Increase Your Learning Capacity

According to the researches though the learning capacity can be increased by various methods, but it is effective only when one recognizes his own learning styles. The increase in your learning capacity with primarily depend on the techniques you adopt which best suit you while learning. Researchers even say that different learning styles affect different parts of the brain.

Latest researches show that learning abilities in students may be enhanced by developing a mixed style of studying. Following are the seven best style of increasing your learning capacity, called as the “Multiple Intelligence” by the researchers.

1. Verbal Style: Also known as the linguistic style is a method which uses both speech and writing for increasing the learning capacity in a student. This style is found commonly in the traditional education.

2. Mathematical or Logical Style: adapting this method you try to reason, logic and understand the systems. This method is also common for the traditional teaching.

3. Spatial or Visual Style: this method uses pictures, images and spatial understanding to help students increasing their learning capacity.

4. Auditory-Musical or Aural Style: as the name says the method uses music and sound.

5. Kinesthetic or Physical Style: In this one increases the learning capacity through the sense of touch with either hands or body.

6. Intrapersonal or Solitary Style: This also as the name says refers to the self-study technique.

7. Interpersonal or Social Style: This method involves studying in groups or with one another.

Your target should be to develop ability in the learning styles less dominant while enhancing those styles which you already use. The advantage here is that it will improve your learning capacity largely as you would involve more parts of the brain using different learning styles.

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