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Self Learning

Learning socially, truly the next way to learn!

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We launch the LearnNext page on Facebook today with much excitement! We, at LearnNext, believe that there is tremendous potential in the power of learning through social networking. Just the sheer scale and speed at which information can be shared through this medium creates an interesting and invigorating environment for the learning community. For parents, it is a great way to keep abreast with the latest updates, news and technologies available today to help their children.  They can also connect with other parents and teachers to seek solutions, share ideas or maybe even learn something new themselves.

We believe in learning through sharing

Social media is a great sharing tool. We often share conversations, pictures and little tidbits of our lives through it. Why not use the same sharing principle for learning? On our page, we will have interesting and informative videos and articles that can be viewed or read at any time. Wouldn’t it be fun to watch science experiments that can leave you astonished? Are you stuck at a Math problem that an online friend could help you out with? How about getting to know a great project idea for class? This is the kind of space that can provide all this stuff and more, and if you like it… you can share it too!

News and views are important

Do you remember the last time the latest CBSE news was out? Sure, you read about it in the paper, but couldn’t make sense of how it affected your child. Most of the time, we find that the news is quite generic (maybe even cryptic!) and doesn’t make sense to us immediately. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could discuss this with other parents? What about getting the opinion of some teachers or even the heads of institutions? The Learn Next community on Facebook aims to provide all this at one place so that you can make the most informed decisions.


We hope you ‘like’ our page –  www.facebook.com/learnnext . It will open up a whole new world of community learning. Do share with us your feedback and suggestions. We would be happy to reply to your comments here or on Facebook.

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