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Some tech skills that teens should acquire

Some tech skills that teens should acquire

Should teens need to acquire tech skills when they are in school? It is a long-debated topic, with different persons having different opinions. However, in today’s fast-evolving and tech-dominated world, it is now a ‘must’ for every teen to gain some technical expertise when they are in school. It will ultimately help them leverage modern technologies for educational purposes.

The following are some tech skills that teens should hone during their school days.

  • It is important for kids to improve their typing skill as well as typing speed. Good typing skill is required when it comes to using technologies for academic purposes. Be it taking notes on computer, appearing in online tests, preparing presentations for school projects or harnessing the benefits of digital education–your typing skill holds immense importance in every case.
  • Students should gain proficiency in working on word documents. It involves formatting a document properly, numbering pages, adding headers and footnotes, inserting charts, and so on. These skills enable students to prepare their school projects in an immaculate manner.
  • As the internet is inundated with information, students in middle and high schools should be taught how to use internet for research purposes. However, they should be guided how to consume information on internet carefully. Good internet research skill is considered rewarding for students to prepare projects and notes.
  • For classroom presentations, the knowledge of PowerPoint presentations is a must. Students should know how to prepare a good presentation on PowerPoint, how to make it visually appealing and so on.
  • Last but not the least, students should be taught netiquette, especially e-mail etiquette. The knowledge of brevity is extremely essential in email writing. And this knowledge goes a long way in enabling students to write effectively in their language papers.

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