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Devoting The Entire Day While Exams: How Much It Works

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Many students try to take in the most in the last few days before their exams. However, last-minute preparation is not considered good. In fact right before the exam, it is extremely important for you to relax your mind and body and most importantly, say ‘No’ to tension. If your mind is not fresh but burdened with tension and fear, you may forget answers or even panic during exams.

Devote enough time in early days

Instead of doing last-minute studies, study beforehand and keep the last few days only for revision. If you study well in advance and have revised by the time exams approach at least 1-2 times, you don’t have to worry about forgetting answers during exams. Many students think that last-minute studies or revision will keep the material fresh and ready-to-write; however, this method may not work every time.

Notes are important

Make notes while studying. Before exams, just go through these notes to revise the subject. It will help you not to spend an entire day revising one chapter or subject. Moreover, make it a point that you do not study more than 3 hours at a stretch and take ample breaks in between. Your breaks can just last 5-10 minutes.

Sleep well

Sleeping is a vital requirement for your body during exams. During or before exams, most students take in all in one go, in spite of being well-prepared. However, depriving your body and mind of sleep may not give desired results. Therefore, take proper and ample sleep.

Try to figure out when during the day you are most productive and active. Hence, in order to make the most of each day, study the weaker subjects in these hours while the subjects you are strong can be prepared in other hours of the day.

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