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Tips for the new teacher

Tips for the new teacher
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If you are a new teacher, you may have to face many challenges in classrooms as well as in the school. Shaping minds and hearts is a joyful experience, but it comes with several responsibilities. The following are a few tips for new teachers.

  • Be professional: Be professional in the way you dress, behave, and speak right from the time you step into the classroom.
  • Use language that does not get noticed: Minimize the use of slang while speaking. ‘Yes’ instead of ‘yeah’ and ‘speed up’ or ‘be ready’ instead of ‘buck up’ sound more professional and polished.
  • Be punctual: For teachers, this quality just can’t be compromised. Don’t come late to the assembly, classes and staff meetings.
  • Maintain your composure during a confrontation: If children see you losing your composure, you send out a message that it’s okay to be rude. So, always send out a message through your behavior that being dignified, assertive and firm is what one needs.
  • Maintain open lines of communication with parents: Communicate with parents when a kid improves in Maths, answers all questions right in the class, does better in sports or gets more attentive than usual in the class. Don’t communicate only negative feedback. Many parents have no idea of their kids’ performance till the report card is mailed home. Have regular meetings with parents of those students who need special attention.
  • Know departmental policies: Every organization has rules and protocols. If you are well-aware of all rules and protocols in your school, then your daily life gets easier. If you have suggestions, then speak to the administration.
  • Attend workshops for teachers: Teaching is a dynamic process and one method or strategy will not work all times. You need to constantly keep thinking and evolving. Attend good workshops meant for teaching and classroom management.

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Dheeraj Mehrotra

An educational innovator, author and experiential educator, he has authored numerous books on computer science and educational excellence.


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