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How to be your teen’s best friend?

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Managing teens may be a big challenge for parents. A survey has revealed that 90% of parents find it difficult to deal with their adolescents. Thus, growing discords between parents and teens become a regular affair at this stage. According to some psychologists, friendly bonds should be developed between parents and youngsters, as such bonds help keep all differences at bay.

Every youngster requires an experienced friend. A friend whom they will look up to for inspiration and whom they can trust. They need a friend who will not be judgmental. Instead, who will help them find out what is right for them. If teens find such a friend in their parents, nothing can be as good as that.

There is a common perception among parents that when their kids reach adolescence, they can take all decisions on their own. The latest research; however, has revealed that all important components of the human brain—which are responsible for emotions, judgment, and critical thinking—reach maturity in mid-twenties. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to get actively involved in their teenagers’ lives.

Are you a close friend of your teens? If not, the following tips will help you be your teens’ best friend.

  • Be a good listener: Teens experience and observe lots of things daily and they want to share their experience or observation with somebody whom they trust. Try to lend your ear whenever your teens want to share something with you. It will gradually strengthen the bond between you two.
  • Spend considerable time: Your teens may want to spend time with you; they may require your attention when they are in need. Try to be approachable whenever they need you. They will start trusting you.
  • Learn to accept your mistakes: Most parents tend to hide their mistakes in front of their kids. This practice ultimately creates a void between parents and teens. If you make any mistake, admit it and do not hesitate to say “sorry.” Be real; it will help you stay closed to your teens.
  • No comparison: With growing competitions in the education and professional fields, parents tend to compare their teens with their pals. Such comparison not only creates a distance between parents and their teens but also humiliates teens, thereby making them feel inferior. If you practice it, put an end to it. Appreciate your children’s achievements every time and encourage and support them when they suffer a setback. You will notice that things will be easier between you two.

Make sure that your children know that you are emotionally attached to them. Teens should know that their each and every action can either make or break their parents. A strong emotional connection between teenagers and their parents is indeed a good panacea for all parent-teenager problems.

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