Dr Sapna Agrawal is an astute academician, dynamic and social activist with qualitative experience of 16 years in knowledge management and Armed forces Background with core competency in leadership skills and high values. She has vast experience in Children's education, Training and development, Knowledge management and Child Psychology. She believes that Education reforms & innovative methodology can create wonders. She has conducted more than 600 training programs on a variety of subjects including Right Parenting, Child psychology and behavior, Effective Communication, Personality Development, Public Speaking and Presentation Skills, Time Management, Leadership, Team Building, Motivation, Positive Mental Attitude, Interpersonal Skills, Business Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Effective parenting, Executive & Supervisory Development Programmes among others. She is a powerful motivator, having won the Zone & National Awards of Most Outstanding Speaker in Junior Chamber International India (JCI India). She uses innovative training techniques & Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to unlock the ideas and invoking participants own ability to solve their problems and relate real life situations.

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