Magnetic and Non-magnetic Materials


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A Greek shepherd named Magnes discovered magnets 4,000 years ago in Magnesia, Greece. Magnes discovered a natural magnetic rock, called the lodestone. In the form of a bar, it was used to find directions on the earth, and so the name lodestone, which means the stone that leads.  Lodestone has a compound of iron called magnetite. The name magnetite has been derived from Magnesia or Magnes. Magnets are named after magnetite. Natural rocks that have the property of attracting iron are called natural magnets. Archimedes, the ancient Greek scientist, is believed to have used lodestone to pull nails from enemy ships, which made the ships sink.

Magnetic Materials
Materials that are attracted by a magnet are called magnetic materials. Examples of magnetic materials include iron, cobalt, nickel, steel, etc.

Non-Magnetic Materials
Materials that are not attracted by magnets are called non-magnetic materials.  Examples of non-magnetic materials include rubber, plastic, stainless steel, feather, paper, mica, gold, silver, leather, etc. Modern coins are made of uniform mixtures of different metals in such a way that they become non-magnetic.

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Activities & Simulations

Activity 1 has created an animation to explain magnets and their properties. It also shows the magnetic field and the magnetic lines of force.  

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Activity 2 has developed an interactive animation which gives an account of magnets, their types, magnetic and non-magnetic materials, magnetic poles, protection and uses of magnets.  
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1 . Q: Which is the surest test of magnets?

Repulsion is the surest test because any substance made of iron,nickel, cobalt will also have attraction but won't have repulsion.

2 . what will happen when a magnet brought near a compass

When a magnet is brought near a compass the needle of compass gets deflected due to the magnetic field of the magnet.

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3 . Why do doors of refrigerator have week magnetic strip

The strip is weak because it should be easy to open the doors and also it should be just strong enough to attract the open refrigerator door...

4 . In which direction will a magnet point if it is freely suspended in space?

It would point in a north-south direction, since, the earth itself behaves as a huge bar magnet, the north pole would get attracted to the g...

5 . what will happen if a compass is brought near a magnet?

If a compass is brought near a magnet its needle gets deflected due to the magnetic field of magnet.
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