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A robust education system helps society progress

Education, infrastructure development, and democratisation of the media are the three key sectors on which the progress of any society depends. Most developed make massive investments in the educational sector, resulting in a robust and innovative education system. A similar revolution is unfolding in India. Institutions are incorporating world class standards. Their students have achieved glory in every profession, and can be found in responsible positions all over the world. India has made a mark in the information technology industry, too, being the largest exporter of software technology and engineers. A major part of this can be attributed to the information and communication technology training in the Indian educational curriculum.

The Indian education system should operate in a way that prepares its citizens to become contributors to a changing world. Our education system should be inclusive. It should encourage students in all ways to become responsible global citizens. Education should be imparted in our schools in a way that it will make the world a better place to live and work in. This can be done by encouraging collaboration in the classroom every day. Instead of competition, students should be encouraged to cooperate and collaborate. This way, they will learn to be team players. They will learn together, and grow by learning. This makes sense and instils the spirit of promoting society’s greater good. It will also make individuals better global citizens, which is very important in today’s world.A robust education system helps society progress

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