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Assessments: How will measurement change in the future of education?

Today’s educators unanimously agree that education is not literacy and that the latter can be no more than a part of it. Yet, our systems of testing how educated a learner has primarily been based on the markers of literacy – Can you add and subtract? Do you know how to read well? – and so forth.

No doubt that these are important, but these alone cannot give a holistic overview of what the learner can do and what he cannot, what he needs from his future learning activities, what skills he has developed etc. Parents care a lot for their children’s overall development and the factors that lead to it – Does my child feel safe? Does my kid feel cared for? Do they feel respected and challenged? These are more difficult and takes a long time to assess.

The key to having a standard of measurement that takes all of this into account is to account for all kinds of differences: the differences in schooling, preferences, the paths to success, which can enrich people’s lives and society at large. 

To know more, watch Derrell Bradford, Executive Vice President of 50CAN share his thoughts on the future of testing in the video given below!

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Pritikana Karmakar

Pritikana Karmakar is an experienced copywriter at Next Education. She is a part of the editorial team of The Next World magazine. She loves to read fiction, and has a research interest in speculative fiction, language and narratology.


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