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Board exams are not the end of the road

Students often get worried while appearing the board exams for Classes X and XII, believing that doing bad at the exams will mean the end of the road for them. It is not so. The board exams are not the end of the road; there’s life beyond that. The students are worried because not doing well at the exams often means not getting admission to an engineering college or a medical college. While this is no longer true, since admissions to most engineering and medical colleges are through entrance exams, performing well at the boards is still considered important since it is thought to give a reasonable indication of how a student will do at the entrance tests, although this may not always be true.

It is good to be ambitious and dream of becoming a doctor or an engineer, but do also remember that everyone can’t become one, and also, more importantly, that there are other career options available as well. Another important thing is that a bad score at the board exams does not always mean that you cannot do well in a profession. There are several examples. Someone who did very badly at his Class XII exams went on to become a very successful cost accountant, and today is a sought-after professional. Somebody else became a successful printing technologist. So take a broader perspective of life, and understand that success in life also depends on how hard and sincerely you work.

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