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Dos and Don’ts while allowing kids to surf the internet

Dos and Don’ts while allowing kids to surf the internet

The internet waves have swept across the country, with almost every urban household having internet access through different modes of connection. Gone are the days when the term ‘internet savvy’ was only applicable to a handful of people. Nowadays, not only elders but kids are also riding high on this WWW wave.

However, the internet can be a dangerous place for people having limited knowledge of this medium. Especially for kids, the likelihood of falling into various traps is quite high. Therefore, the onus is on parents to keep a strict eye on their kids’ online activities.

If your kids are very fond of surfing in free time, consider the following points to keep any untoward situation at bay.


  • Keep an eye on your kids’ online activities: No matter whether your kids are browsing the internet through PCs, Tablets or smartphones, you should be well aware of their online activities. Which websites are they surfing? Whom are they chatting with? What are they reading on the internet? What are they downloading? Are they quite active in the social media? Who are on their friend lists? You should be aware of each and everything. Initially, it may be difficult for you to get hang of all these things. Try to build a cordial bond with your kids. Soon, things will be easier for you.
  • Apply privacy settings: Applying various privacy settings is probably the best way to protect your kids from internet hazards. Almost every web browser has its own privacy setting. Besides, all these browsers have their individual phrasing as well as parental controls. Make sure that you have installed all such features on your computer/ipad. Google SafeSearch is another good feature that you can use to keep a check on your kids’ online activities.
  • Install antivirus software: Installing good antivirus software and updating it regularly are another good way to keep your computer as well as internet bug-free. With this, you can also ensure a safe browsing experience for your kids.
  • Teach your kids about netiquette: If your kids are mature enough, do teach them about netiquette. A conscious mind less tends to fall into any online glitches.


  • Don’t allow your kids to make friendship with unknown users: It is quite tempting for youngsters to make new friends online. However, most of the time, they are misled by various websites. Don’t let your kids fall into such a trap. Make sure that you have a pretty fair idea of your kids’ online friend network.
  • Don’t let your kids click on unknown links: Most of unknown links—which suddenly pop up at the time of surfing the internet—contain malicious viruses and software. Inform your kids about such links and ask them not to click on them.
  • Don’t encourage your kids to submit their personal details on unknown websites: Submitting personal details on unknown websites may prove to be a fatal mistake. Don’t encourage your kids to submit their personal details on unknown websites.
  • Don’t let kids get addicted to online shopping: Online shopping is the latest craze, with people of age groups getting addicted to it. Don’t let your kids get hooked to this craze. Also, do not give them your credit/debit card if they want to purchase something online. It will be a sane decision if you limit your kids’ exposure to online shopping websites.

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