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Education reboots to a new pedagogy with online learning

The global coronavirus pandemic has forced educational institutions to suspend classes. No wonder, children and parents feel emotionally and psychologically drained during this lockdown. At this juncture, online education using technology is proving to be a blessing. Online classes are helping schools across India beat the lockdown to push ahead with the academic calendar. Not only is online learning keeping students academically on the track, but are also an extremely engaging and productive way of learning. 

Online learning has a lot of potentials and it is time that schools utilize this tool effectively. To make the most of online learning, it is essential to have the right platform to ensure uninterrupted teaching-learning. Additionally, online classes need to be supplemented with reading material, assignments, audio-visual content and regular doubt-clearing for students. When students and teachers interact with each other, a virtual learning environment is created, thereby fostering school-like learning at home. 

We must recognize that school is the right place for students to learn new technologies and adapt to the ever-changing dynamic world. Thus, online learning offers myriad opportunities for students to learn and grow.

Advantages of online learning

Anytime, anywhere accessibility: The online classes can be attended within the comfort and safety of your house. The sessions can be recorded and revisited as many times for revision. All the more, while learning, students don’t feel tired due to travelling, hence easier to concentrate.

Safe and secure: The live lecture is controlled and monitored only by the teacher. To ensure data security, students and teachers are provided with unique login credentials and only the students of the class can join the session. 

Live doubt-clearing session: Teachers can also conduct live online doubt sessions and can also check the understanding of students by asking them questions. 

Personalised learning: The teachers can also be at ease as they can focus on individual students, address their specific issues even after the class and assign digital content as per the learning curve and requirement of students. Further, teachers can give assignments and monitor and track each student.

To provide a complete platform for online learning, Live Lecture, a state-of-the-art feature of NextLMS empowers students and teachers to create a virtual classroom. NextLearningPlatform is a one-stop solution for schools and teachers to teach, assess and evaluate students in an online learning environment. When a virtual school system is implemented, it strengthens the teaching-learning process and teachers and students are better equipped to adapt to the online education system. 

India is fighting the Coronavirus pandemic while ensuring teaching-learning is not affected at any cost. The way we educate our next generation has undoubtedly changed and revolutionized the education system.

Kritika Tandon

Kritika is an avid reader and passionate writer. As an active and enthusiastic writer, she has a keen interest in writing on topics pertaining to education, technology and social issues. She enjoys traveling, gardening and creative writing.


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