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Exams are no longer about scores

Most boards have introduced a system of grades for evaluating the candidates at the Class X and Class XII exams. This has been done to reduce the stress on the students as well as their parents. Both, parents and students, should, therefore, realise this and not get too stressed out about performance at the exams. After all, admission to the next higher class will be on the basis of the grade, and not on the score. The gradation system minimises the divide between students who score very high and those who score high. This has been done to eliminate unhealthy competition among high achievers.

The new system ensures that the students get their concepts clear, thereby helping them to get better marks. What the parents should do is to encourage their children to perform better. This system of evaluation provides the learner more flexibility since scoring full marks doesn’t remain the only criterion. With the introduction of formative assessments throughout the year, a student can keep track of each subject. It is only motivation that a student requires, and parents and teachers can be of real help. The board exams have now become free of stress, and so students, parents and teachers should not create unnecessary pressure.

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