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Focus on teachers will improve quality of education


Focus on teachers will improve quality of educationSteps to rebuild professional identity and skills of teachers will definitely improve the quality of teaching. The key to improving quality of education system is to bring the focus back on teachers. Society must give the reverence and primacy to teachers that they deserve. People in ancient India believed that the guru was Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Thus, the country has a legacy that accords the highest place and respect to teachers. They must be empowered professionally to ensure that they continue to do yeoman service to education.

Teachers must be encouraged to encourage and cultivate critical thinking skills and competencies. Only then will they ensure that future generations make a significant contribution to the country’s progress and development. The need of the hour is to rebuild the professional identity of teachers, and nurture their skills and professional competence through continuing education. The work by teachers reflects constitutional values, and society needs to recognise their work and reward them appropriately.

Education is an important instrument for social and economic transformation, and is the key to enhance competitiveness in the global economy. Ensuring equity in access to quality education for all, particularly the marginalised, is central to economic and social development in the country.

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