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For the love of reading…. Part II


Reading is great fun! Those already given to the habit of reading will surely agree with us and those who are yet to start- don’t waste any time in finding out. But there is more to reading than being just a way of passing time. It is highly educative, instructive and at the end of the day, if nothing else, you will acquire and expanded vocabulary. That alone is worth a few Brownie points, intellectually speaking.

But let us not be vague. We will point out some clear advantages to picking up that book and having a go:

Improving Vocabulary

The relation is obvious enough. The more you read the better your usage of grammar and vocabulary becomes and the better you get at using it. Then you can apply that vocabulary in many different ways from writing to speaking or maybe even blogging!
Writing skills

This is not just a skill that is confined to your textbooks or English classes. A lot of professional and personal communication is done via the written media. A good grasp of the English language is also a necessity for students who wish to study abroad (tests like IELTS and TOEFL are designed to test your communication skills)
Speaking skills

When you have a better understanding of the language, you feel more confident about using it. Improved communication ensures that you speak with clarity and ease. Again, many international language tests involve being able to speak the required language with clarity and ease.
Okay, so we’ve told you the why. But, have no fear; we won’t leave you hanging at that. Now we will also tell you how to develop the reading habit

The Daily Dose

Read books every day. No one expects you to be a speed reader right away, but reading a little but everyday develops the practice and helps you finish the book that you’ve started

Learning from the masters

Join a library in your neighbourhood or school. Most libraries will have a wide variety of books and you can start with choosing a book about a field that interests you.

Lets communicate

Talk about reading with your friends, parents and teachers. Ask questions about what the different people in your life are reading and ask them for recommendations
Share and share alike

Start a book club with your friends or join a book-reading program. This will become a great place to discover new books and discuss the insights and stories
that are presented in the book.

Need more reasons to read? Very well then. There is a solution for that too. Go on to everybody’s favourite site- Facebook- and visit the LearnNext page to enroll in the LearnNext SmartRead Contest! The rules are very simple

1) Choose a book
2) Read it
3) Tell us what you think about it
4) And if your review wins by popular vote then you get a prize!

Talking about the profits of reading… well… how much more beneficial can it get?

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