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Fun-filled education with interesting mobile apps

Fun-filled education with interesting mobile apps

Digital education has significantly revolutionized the learning process, enabling students to study with full interest. With the help of a wide range of mobile and digital apps, students can steep their learning curve beyond the school as well. The following are some cool and much sought-after apps, which are even vetted by parents:


The Dictionary app is compatible with Android, iPhone, Blackberry and many more devicies, and provides students with a complete dictionary-cum-thesaurus, along with the access to around 2 million words. With the app handy in your mobile or tablet, you do not have to worry about the internet connection as you can browse the entire thesaurus and dictionary offline itself. The best part is that the app also says the word you search aloud once the speaker is on. Hence, you get to know the accurate pronunciation as well.


If you are a voracious reader, Chegg is just the app for you. This mobile application gives you a rest from having to stand in the long queues in bookstore and wait to get your favorite or latest book. One can easily rent books through this app right from his iPad, iPhone, and the iPad touch.

The coolest feature of the app is that you can scan the bar code of a particular book with your mobile’s camera and compare its prices with various sites and stores offering the same. This is surely considered to be the best mobile app for students.


With the app wikipanion in your mobiles, you get to travel with the encyclopedia everywhere across the world. This mobile application gives you easy access to the most popular encyclopedia available online i.e. Wikipedia. Wikipanion allows user to search the site with good speed and perfect accuracy. Some of the exciting features included in Wikipanion are audio playback of the dictionary definitions, browsing history and even bookmarking particular sections of various pages on your mobile.


EZ Read

You can now do away with the fear of studying Shakespeare! (Not literally though). With EZ Read app in your mobiles, you can easily in no time interpret the literary classics. This free application contains popular websites that even offer absolutely free study guides for poetry, literature, in addition to various cultural and academic subjects. EZ Read app in fact enables users to browse through character descriptions and plot summaries as well.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

And of course when students face problem in getting up in those early morning hours to study or attend a class, don’t you think how cool it would be to wake without a heavy head? Well, with the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app, you can now look forward to avoiding the groggy mornings. The app uses an accelerometer that monitors the sleep movement and hence wakes the person up when he is going through the lightest sleep phase. Hence, one would wake up feeling relaxed and more rested in early mornings. The app is adequately compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod. So, you can sleep and rest assured to wake up on time and fresh.


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