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Growing role of technology in today’s education

Growing role of technology in today’s education

In today’s world, technology has become an integral part of our daily life. It has brought a revolutionary change to every sector, with education being no exception. Technological advancements are benefiting not only students by providing cutting-edge learning solutions but also teachers by providing them with better teaching tools and schools by creating a better teaching and learning environment.

Even at the elementary level, technology-based education is gaining popularity day by day. With rhymes and poems being played on TV and other audio-visual media, children learn faster by getting attracted to these visuals and graphics.

Gone are the days when technology-based teaching/learning involved special skills and expertise. Thanks to advanced software and gadgets, it has become extremely easy for people to gain the advantage of new-age learning methodologies. Further, replacing the traditional chalk and talk methods, technology-based education made the teaching and learning process more interesting, interacting and simple.

Digital classrooms have instilled love and eagerness for studies into students. With the classroom being interactive, it enables students to understand various concepts more clearly. On the other hand, schools can opt for software that can help them manage student database like attendance, fee, personal details, etc., in a better way.

Technology has certainly played an important part in upgrading the education sector. There is no doubt that children–irrespective of their ages–learn and understand the study content more clearly with the help of graphics and visuals. So, it would be no exaggeration to say that technology has brought a shift in paradigm in the education sector.

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