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How to develop your pre-schooler’s interest in maths


Maths phobia is still prevalent among many Indian students. Although several innovative teaching methods have been introduced to improve students’ expertise in maths, they have yet to eradicate this phobia. It is, therefore, required for parents to generate students’ interest in the subject at the elementary level.

Parents should always introduce their kids to maths with lots of enthusiasm. This is probably the best possible way to keep math phobia at bay. Here are some tips that parents can follow to develop their pre-schoolers’ interest in the subject.

  • Use common items to teach basic mathematics: You can use common household items to teach your kid basic mathematics. For instance, you can ask your toddler to arrange different varieties of pulses in fixed repetitive patterns on a board in order to teach him/her geometric shapes. You can also introduce your child to various geometric shapes while strolling in your garden or in a nearby park.
  • Teach simple mathematical concepts through daily activities: Teach simple mathematical concepts, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, through daily activities. For example, when you go to a supermarket with your kid, encourage him or her to read out the billing figures and add up the figures. Always encourage your kid to find the answer on his/her own. It will ultimately generate his/her interest in the subject.
  • Teach your child maths using various gadgets: Quite obviously, kids love playing with gadgets. So, encourage your kid to play with a calculator. This way, you can sharpen his/her skills in doing basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

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