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How to help kids be friendly

How to help kids be friendly

Friendly and outgoing are two common traits of kids. Unlike their elders, they do not feel hesitant and shy while talking to new people. However, there are some children who take time to open up. For such kids, it is quite challenging to socialize and participate in any conversation easily. Therefore, they cannot make friends and this inability may have a negative impact on their personality development. To help such kids come out of their cocoon of isolation, teachers and parents can play an active role.

New or unaccustomed situations often generate a shy feeling among many kids. How to react to others? What will others think about me? What to say and what not to say at the first meeting?–these are a few questions that strike in kids’ mind, thereby enabling them to be bashful while meeting new people. This is another reason because of which many kids do not want to go to schools or make new friends.

Being a teacher/parent, you should teach your kids how to behave while meeting new people, friends and others. Encourage them to greet others with a smile and simply saying “hello.” Also, let them know what to say/ask and what not to say/ask in front of newly met people as well as their friends and others. Your constant support will help your kids get along with others easily.

Many kids having physical difficulties prefer keeping themselves away from their peers, as they are not like others. Besides, sometimes physical features like short height, overweight deter kids from gelling with their classmates. Under such circumstances, teachers/parents should lend their sympathetic ears to listen to these students. Do remember that proper counseling can help such kids break their seclusion. If this problem is severe, expert’s counseling is sought.

Teach your kids common social behaviours and allow them to practice it. You can take your kids to nearby parks, picnic spots, your neighbours’ homes and other places. Keep your eye on your kids and examine how they are reacting. The more you allow your kids to mix with new people, the easier it will be for them to come out of their shell.

Regular conversation with introvert kids works well in breaking their aloofness. So, if you are a busy mom, allocate some time every day for a healthy conversation with your kids. Gradually, your kids will gain the ability to strike a conversation with their peers.

Last but not the least; you must inform your kids about the importance of friends in our life. Tell them to show their kindness, provide compliments, and be non-judgmental while having conversations with new people as well as friends. Besides, allow you kids to mix up with kids from different backgrounds. It will ultimately help nurture your kids’ social behaviour.

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