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How to make up for lost time in your teaching schedule


At times, many teachers need to cancel their classes because of various reasons, such as illness, urgent administrative responsibilities, important meetings and so on. Such cancellations result in teachers falling behind their class schedule. Therefore, it is important for them to look for different methods that will help in covering the syllabus outside of the class.

The following tips will pave the way for teachers to make up for lost time in their teaching schedule.

  • If it is primarily a lecture, you can leverage course capture technology. Record the lecture using AV system and then post it onto a server for your students to view.
  • If the class focuses on reviewing students’ knowledge of a subject or topic, you can create a study guide as well as study questions so that your students can do them on their own, with your help available when required.
  • If there is an academic interactive website in your school, you can use it for the teaching-learning purpose. For example, you can initiate threaded discussions on the subjects you have just taught on the website and encourage all students to take part in the discussions. With the progression of the discussion, you can start posting questions to examine their level of understanding.

No matter which process you prefer following, make sure that you have announced your plans beforehand so that all your students can participate in the outside-of-the-classroom teaching/learning process. Give them time to get the hang of the new methods of teaching and learning. Most importantly, don’t rush your teaching.

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