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How to stay focused on your study

How to stay focused on your study

Focusing on study may not be as easy as it sounds. Petty distractions, physical needs, a swirl of negative thoughts, stress, anxiety and many other factors can put a damper on your concentration during study. It has been found that around 80% of high school students face difficulty focusing their full attention on study. Therefore, despite their best efforts, their performance as well as results falls short of their expectations. Many psychologists and educationists suggest that students should practice yoga and meditation, which will enable them to give their undivided attention to their study.

It is a proven fact that the holistic approach of yoga and meditation helps improve people’s concentration level. However, there are some other methods that students can adopt to focus undividedly on their studies.

Some of these methods are as follows:

  • Select a proper place to study: It is important to select the right place to study. Make sure your study area is free from all possible distracting factors, such as TV, chaotic street noise and others. It will be easy for you to concentrate on study if the area is calm and quiet.
  • Arrange everything before study: While studying, you may require various materials, such as pens, notepads, highlighters and so on. It is better to arrange everything you would require beforehand. It will help you focus solely on your study, avoiding unnecessary distractions.
  • Maintain study session: It is also important for students to decide and maintain their study sessions. No matter whether you are a night owl or a morning person, select your study session when you can harness your brain power completely and feel energetic. These two factors will never let you lose your focus.
  • Stay motivated to your goal: Staying motivated to your goal will ultimately help you stay focused on your lessons and keep away all negative thoughts. To motivate yourself, you can write down your goal (s) on a paper and paste it in front of your study table. It is better to write down your short-term goal that is directly related to your study.
  • Say “NO” to mobile and games: Many students tend to talk on mobile while studying. At times, many start playing games on their mobile phones or computer to relax. Such activities will ultimately hinder you from regaining your focus.
  • Take short breaks: Continuous study may make you feel tired. Once you are tired, you tend to lose focus. So, it is quite useful if you take small study breaks. However, make sure that your study breaks are not frequent and short. Refrain from doing other activities, such as gossiping, playing games, during study breaks. A leisurely 10-minute stroll is the best option to refresh your mind without breaking the concentration level.

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