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India must adopt digital learning to expand education infrastructure


India must adopt digital learning to expand education infrastructureIndia needs to expand its education and research infrastructure. The country needs an expansion of the education and research base. One way is to adopt the tools of digital education. From the invention of the wheel to the WiFi mode of communication; from the construction of simple dwelling units to high-rise buildings to highways, metro-systems and satellites – the role of technology and innovation has become even more critical in the 21st century as we live in a knowledge era. As a developing nation, India is focused on expanding its physical infrastructure, enhancing agriculture and industrial productivity, as well as improving its global competitiveness.

India is an IT leader and a country where significant outsourced work is undertaken. The country must strive to maintain its leadership in this field. Educational institutions must adopt digital learning technology make courses more interactive so that the analytical power of the minds of students is ignited. These institutions should help students understand the functioning of businesses and industry, as well the needs of rural areas.

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