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Indian schools have a long way to go to use AI, says Microsoft

According to Microsoft representatives, Indian schools have a long way to go before they can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to do good in education. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) had recently introduced AI in the school curriculum. In this process, the board has joined hands with Microsoft to conduct capacity-building programmes for high school teachers and integrate cloud-powered technology and teaching.

 “In India, colleges and the technical community is more hearing and preparing themselves to learn AI skills. In terms of schools using AI to become better at education itself, there is a long way to go,” said Rohini Srivathsa, National Technology Officer at Microsoft India. “Lot more needs to be done in terms of harnessing the data out there and creating tools for teachers to be more effective. While the future is bright, there is more work to be done,” she added.

“Digitisation as an overall theme driven by the government is going to hit every sector, and education as an occupation or sector itself will also take in AI to make itself more effective. Better student experiences, better student outcomes, more efficient teachers, administration, safer classes and infrastructure. I think that is a broader area in which school systems need to continue,” Srivastha further said. 

According to Larry Nelson, Education Lead at Microsoft Asia, AI can not only help schools in ensuring instructors deliver content and make learning better but also in keeping the campus safe.

“AI is going to help instructors deliver content and learning better besides running classrooms more efficiently. AI can help the institution in running a safer campus and not just support student learning,” said Nelson. 

Source: Financial Expresshttps://www.financialexpress.com/economy/indian-schools-have-long-way-to-go-in-using-ai-says-microsoft-official/1725435/

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