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Is there a Mantra for Scoring High Grades in School? (Updated to 2021)


Spoiler alert! There is no secret mantra to become the topper!

CBSE recently announced a revised syllabus for the Academic year 2021-22 with two exams after the end of each semester for Class 10 and Class 12. Now that means you have to prepare for examinations twice in a year now and in half the time!

A secret mantra would really come in handy in this case. The good news is you can make one! The best part? You don’t need to download apps endorsed by old-school Bollywood celebrities or pay people who claim to make you a topper but can’t spell it right! Surprised? With just a few simple everyday practices you can easily create your own high-score-mantra!

  1. Make your time count

They say time is money. At school, time is marks. Use the 10-minute break between classes to recall what was taught during the previous lecture and make notes. Even 10 minutes can add a great deal to your learning.

Divide these 10 minutes into three parts of 4, 3 & 3 minutes. Your work in the first 4 minutes should be to remember the portion taught in the class that just ended. This frees you from the burden of taking notes during lectures and let you concentrate completely on what the teacher is saying. For the next 3 minutes, give your mind and body time to relax. The remaining 3 minutes should be used to go through the portion which was taught by the next teacher in their previous sessions.

This may seem a bit packed, but this simple task will help you get a hold of all subjects, in addition to understanding the daily portions without any lag. Make this exercise a habit. However, if the time gap between two classes is more than 10 minutes, divide it as per your convenience, but make sure you use the time wisely.

2. Revise regularly

Revise portions of subjects taught at school every evening. Spending some time to go through the material taught that day in addition to completing home assignments can prove to be all that you need to top the class.

3. Make use of weekends

Finally, get a weekly routine that allows you to revise the entire week’s learning. Remember that the brain is like a muscle — the more work it does, the stronger and better it gets!

The key difference between a high scorer and the rest of the students is to know to utilise the extra time productively. It is a delicate art of balancing academics and leisure. Once you master yourself in this aspect, nothing can stop your climb to the top!

Kushal S

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