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Is your pre-schooler fussy about going to bed?

Is your pre-schooler fussy about going to bed?

Does your preschooler make excuses for delaying bedtime? Does he someone want to squeeze in extra time to watch another episode of Bob The Builder before he dozes off? If yes, we understand that this can potentially drive you crazy. What can you do? Read on.

Short and sweet naps: Allow some nap time during day. Otherwise, your child will be cranky by the end of the day. A short nap during the day will make bedtime more relaxed. If this; however, makes sleeping at bedtime more of an effort, just cut down on the sleep time during day by 30 minutes.

Work out the energy: Children must get their dose of physical exercise every day. So, give them two hours every day for excessive physical activities. Physical activities relieve stress, burn extra calories, and improve immune system. Make sure that there is a considerable gap between these two hours and the bedtime.

Announce in advance: Give your child a 15-minute heads-up before the bedtime. This way, he will be mentally prepared to hit bed. Suddenly picking up a child while he is playing and putting him to bed out of the blue is not a good idea. Also, start your child’s night-time routine one hour before his fixed bedtime so that he gets time to brush his teeth, get into his pajamas and listen to a story just before sleeping.

Snack, please: Give him a light healthy snack at least half an hour before bedtime. This ensures he won’t wake up hungry at midnight.

Calm down.  Pre-bedtime activities need to be calm and soothing. Say “No” to loud music, television, and other such activities, as  they stimulate senses far too much and make it tougher to fall asleep. Playing caroms or scrabble before bedtime is a good idea.

Banish the ghosts! The fear of ghosts and goblins under the bed is very believable in a child’s mind. Heed it. Leave the bedroom door ajar, don’t close it fully. Assure him that such ideas exist only in tales. Don’t read him spooky stories at night.

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