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Let’s engage to manage

Let’s engage to manage

Engaging students in the teaching-learning process is an important aspect of classroom management. However, it is a daunting task for any teacher. Indeed, if you want to make your students understand what you are teaching, you should first make them listen to you.

The following strategies will equip you better to engage your students in the classroom.

  • Real-life lessons: Students tend to know how the topic/subject being taught in the class is related to the ‘real world.’ So, try to use real-life examples while explaining/teaching a topic/subject. It will help you engage your students in the classroom and enable them to understand the topic/subject better.
  • Let your students visualize the topic/subject: While teaching a subject/topic, try to follow the storytelling teaching method. It will enable your students to visualize the subject/topic and they will give their full attention to the lesson being taught in the class.
  • Activity-based learning: Activity-based learning is another effective way to engage students’ interest in the lesson. Especially, if you are teaching an important concept, this method yields results.
  • Multiple teaching approaches: Since every student learns differently, try to follow different teaching approaches while explaining a concept. You can use audio-visual methods, hands-on examples and even digital teaching tools to grab your students’ attention.
  • Use modern technologies: You can use modern technologies to make classroom-based teaching and learning more engaging, interactive and interesting. Start using multimedia-based study materials to provide more insights into a concept/topic. This way, you will be able to increase your students’ interest in the lesson.
  • Group assignments: Group assignments are quite effective in drawing students’ attention to the lesson. While working on an assignment in a group, all students will be able to share their knowledge with each other. This way, students will inspire each other to get actively involved in the learning process.
  • Break time into sections: It is quite difficult for teachers to retain their students’ undivided attention to the study for 40-45 minutes. Therefore, it is better to break the entire period into different sections wherein the subject/topic will be explored in various ways, such as lecture, notes, group work, hands-on activity, review and so on.

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