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London edtech firm plans on expanding its operations internationally

London-based edtech firm, Atom Learning, has announced its plan to expand its business to Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Founded in 2018 by Jake O’Keeffe and Alex Hatvany, the firm has been working towards creating AI-based learning platforms in a bid to bridge the gap between the most and least privileged children across the globe. These platforms are currently used by schools in Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Nigeria and Abu Dhabi.

Since its inception, the company has grown exponentially and has registered a 50 per cent month-wise growth in the past two months. 

This purveys a message of optimism to its founders who are of the opinion that schools have expressed an interest in using their innovative solutions to improve teaching-learning outcomes. At the same time, it will provide further impetus for taking their existing solutions to the next level. 

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Manalisa Sarmah

Manalisa Sarmah is a copywriter at Next Education Pvt. Ltd. She has completed her MPhil in Sociology from the University of Hyderabad. She has worked on different educational projects with Hope Foundation and Adhyayan respectively. Her interest areas include reading, creative writing, and travelling.


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