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Managing Time Between Sure And Unsure Questions

Managing Time Between Sure And Unsure Questions

During exams, students often face the dilemma of answering sure or unsure questions first. No matter how well one prepares for examinations, such a situation usually creates when the major concern is to finish the entire question paper on time, with all the questions properly answered. The following guidelines will help you make a smart choice during such a situation.

Mark the questions you are sure of

If you find yourself in such a situation, the first step is to mark the questions that you are absolutely sure of. Ideally, it is advisable to start answering the question paper with the first section itself. However, if the number of unsure questions is more in the first section, then pick the section where the number of questions you know well is more. While answering these questions, make sure that you do not mix different sections in the question paper, as this may land you in trouble.

Leave space for unsure question if required

While answering a section if you come across an unsure question, which looks to eat up your good time, see whether you can leave some space for it to come back later. However, if the question can be answered, then it is better to take some extra time and complete it before moving ahead.

If you are leaving space for a question, mark the question on the question paper too, so that you don’t forget to answer it later.

Once you have answered all the sure questions, come back to those for which you left space according to the order you have followed in your answer sheet. You should now answer these questions as they come in your answer sheet, so that none is missed out.

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