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Maths Made Easy!

Maths Made Easy!

It is said that a lot of students in India have Maths phobia. It is so severe that often, students get stressed out and even develop a fever before a Maths exam.

MathsLab from Next Education India Pvt. Ltd. is an effective solution aimed at making Maths fun to learn. Based on the philosophy of Learn – Analyse – Build (LAB), MathsLab lets students learn through activities to discover mathematical ideas all by themselves.

MathsLab helps students relate to Mathematical concepts and grasp their application in everyday life better. Due to varied learning styles in a classroom, teachers need to break out of the traditional chalk and blackboard to teach Maths more creatively. MathsLab aims to make Maths more relatable and experiential using simulations and experiments.

For example, students learn how to build a rhombus and verify its surface area. They also learn trigonometry as they see miniature constructions and observe their angles. The teacher demonstrates these simulations and experiments as children follow. So, students discover Maths concepts by themselves.

This solution also allows the teacher to make lab plans according to the requirements of the class and the various learning styles of students of a particular classroom.


  • Fills the gap between learning and practise
  • Merges teacher-led sessions, student practice and hands-on activities
  • Provides personalised learning environment with ample practice sessions

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