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Parent & Teacher Support For Learners

Parent & Teacher Support For Learners

By Issahac V V

Quality education is the need of the hour and most of parents do not want their children to be second to others. Higher scores, better performances, better learning habits and motivation for a brighter future are some burning ambitions that such parents have for their children. Likewise, teachers want the performance of their students would be better than that of students in other schools. Therefore, teachers always go the extra mile for their students. Both parents and teachers have the similar goal—the betterment of students; however, their ways of working towards the goal are different. Why can’t they work together?

It is true that in today’s world, most of parents are busy in their professional lives. They cannot reach home on time to help their children in studies. At times, they may be unaware of dealing with their children. When I became a teacher, I learned well how to be a good student. Consultation with parents is a must for teachers, which will ultimately help in improving students’ performance. Parent-teacher meetings, therefore, are a good platform wherein students’ academic performances can be discussed in detail.

Besides, various awareness campaigns can be conducted to improve parents’ understanding and knowledge of their children’s academic performance and day-to-day activities. The following points should be highlighted during such campaigns.

  • Creating a learning atmosphere at home
  • Supporting students with mother care and providing learning materials at home
  • Learning the danger of wasting money by children
  • Understanding social situations the parents faced in their school days
  • Discussing subjects and difficulties that students are facing

Parents should be completely aware of their students’ activities, and both of them should speak openly. Further, teachers can encourage students to have informal talks with their parents when opportunities are there. On the other hand, teachers and parents should develop a good rapport through parents-teachers meetings.

Many teachers are very formal in their dealings with parents. Parents; however, want teachers to be informal and friendly with them. At times, many problems related to school, home and individual can be solved if an informal and friendly relationship develops between teachers and parents. Besides, teachers get an opportunity to understand many social issues. By solving these issues, teachers can easily become the leader and accepted adviser to parents.

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