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Practise silence to improve concentration, alertness


Practise silence to improve concentration, alertnessIn this world where we are constantly bombarded with information from several sources – newspapers, television, radio, the Internet, and so on – and where we are constantly surrounded by sound and noise, and where we constantly need to communicate with others through various means of communication, in short, in a world full of babble and distractions, it needs a huge effort to get that all off the mind and concentrate fully on the task at hand. Concentration is important for undertaking any task, and especially so the exams, which are under way right now for Classes X and XII. One way of achieving that “perfect concentration” is the practise silence.

Silence is usually taken to mean not talking. It is taken to mean not communicating orally, not uttering any words. However, silence can be of the body as well as the mind. To achieve that, we must drive all stray thoughts out of the mind, that is, get rid of the inner chatter, too.

First of all, the voice or the vocal cords must be silent. Then, we must stop communicating even with the eyes, gestures, facial expressions or through writing. Avoid all distractions, like:

  • Reading, writing, watching TV, listening to music, using the telephone, computer or any other gadget
  • Communicating by gestures, eye contact, body language or writing
  • Body pampering, soaking your feet in warm water

Also, eat only at mealtimes, and take a short walk. This will help you un-clutter your mind. Just like a clean slate, it is easy to put something in an un-cluttered mind.

Of course, it is easier said than done. Start with maybe an hour or so every week and increase the duration gradually until you reach your optimum duration, which can vary from individual to individual. People have experienced that this helps them improve concentration, stay calm and composed even in difficult situations, and reduce stress, key benefits when you are writing your papers.

Image: Michal Marcol / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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