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Edu-Tech Jul-Sep-2018

Promotion and Impact of Digital Education in Schools

Mrs Manjeet Madra

Computer education plays an important role in making students career-ready. Information and communication technology (ICT) enables students to develop higher-order thinking skills (analytical and evaluative skills) and helps them become IT fluent. The basics of ICT are taught in schools around the globe. New technologies are being developed everyday to facilitate better learning.

Computer education is one of the most important subjects in schools. It is essential for students to be tech-savvy, and not just IT literate, to explore the benefits of various existing applications such as MS Office, and Python enabling them to create the technologies of tomorrow. The goal of digital education is to help students become creative, confident and think critically.

Computer education as well as sponsored teachers’ training is being widely promoted in schools by many edutech companies and the government. IT development sectors have introduced teacher and student-friendly technology. The user-friendly intuitive technology design has resulted in the adoption of digital education by teachers in the recent years, and exhaustive teacher-training programmes have made them adept. At the same time, innovative learning aids have gained a wider appeal among learners. Institutions are not reluctant anymore to make a financial commitment to ICT implementation. Teachers are now less anxious about computers with a growing number of classroom success stories boosting their confidence.

Not only students and a few tech-savvy teachers, but IT developers have also contributed to the integration of computers into classrooms. Some offer educational discounts and EMI options to purchase the products. Others provide grants for the effective use of digital tools. In addition to easing the financial burden, hardware manufacturers promote the quality, efficiency and productivity of the edutech industry through quality soft ware and innovative applications of digital equipment. In-service training of teachers and special workshops sponsored by these companies have also been significant in creating a more upbeat attitude towards classroom computing in the recent years. The impressive assimilation of the technology in classrooms is evident.

The quality of education has improved significantly due to computer education. It not only helps students enhance their creativity and imagination but also helps them understand the current technological tools. Students are the future leaders of a nation — future doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs — who would make use of technology to create a better society. For the development of education, ICT should be a part of school curriculums, as it is increasingly becoming the most important educational tool for both teachers and learners.

Nowadays, every school has computers. The standard of a school is determined by the level of technology integration in the infrastructure and curriculum. But the more important criteria of judgement should be the technological proficiency of a school.

A computer can be an incredibly effective tool for teaching and learning, as it provides engaging activities for students as well as allows the creation of more individual lessons for teachers. The usage of computers by students has drastically increased over the last few decades. Students of all ages use computers for various reasons such as research, producing media and multimedia projects and presentations. ICT plays a vital role in the field of education — in the dissemination and absorption of vast amounts of information that is circulated around the globe. Technology-integrated education enables the development of 21st century skills — critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity and career-readiness, which pave the way for 21st century careers. Computer education benefits students by providing quick access to information and skill sets that might take much longer to acquire using traditional methods.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that with the help of computer education in schools, the students of today are in a more advantageous position than those from the last decade. The unceasing quest for knowledge is aided by the advent of computer education and will contribute to the evolution of the teaching-learning process.

Mrs Manjeet Madra
Mrs Manjeet Madra

Manjeet Madra, currently the Principal of Doon International School, Mohali is a highly experienced teacher and administrator of the school for the last 14 years. She has a passion for teaching and loves to explore upcoming trends in the educational field.


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