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What are Life Skills

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What are Life Skills

Life skills also commonly known as executive skills which when inculcated adequately will help in your abilities like sustain attention, plan, regulate thinking and feelings and get organized. Though executive skills as the name says comprise planning, decision making and management of various data, it ideally refers to certain brain-based skills which are required for every student to execute, perform tasks and excel in his field.

The reason behind your learning the executive skills is to help you formulate better basic fundamental plans to carry out tasks. Every child has both strong and weak executive skills which in fact after sometime are often predictable. Hence, a pattern was formulated so that children could be encouraged to develop on their strengths and work to improve on their weaknesses.

The primary reason to define the executive skills especially the weaker areas was to build a design and implement mediations to address the same. The chief executive skills you ought to have and inculcate in are:

Response Inhibition,
Working Memory,
Emotional Control,
Sustained Attention,
Task Initiation,
Time Management,
Metacognition and
Goal-Directed Persistence

With the help of the executive skills one gets to learn ways to manipulate the environment around and to avoid issues related to your weaknesses. The more distinct the skills are, the easier it will be for you to understand and develop operational explanations of them. As a result, learning to operationalize your skills, creating involvements for improving the operations becomes easy.


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