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Strategies for encouraging early literacy

Strategies for encouraging early literacy

Most of parents know that reading to a preschooler at least for a few minutes a day is important. In the storytelling class, teachers can follow some tips to impart literacy skills in children. Some of these useful tips are as follows.

Left to Right

Let your child run her fingers from left to right when he/she reads. Young readers (preschoolers and primary schoolers) can’t take the left-to-right eye movement as obvious. They also can’t scan pages quickly to read, as it doesn’t come easily to them.

Letter Hunt

Give your child an alphabet and she has to hunt for it on each page. Give her a magnifying glass if need be. This is a great exercise for concentration.

Predict a story

Before you begin to read a book together, let your child make a prediction. Ask him/her to observe the picture on the cover and then, let him/her predict the story. What gives her that idea? After you read the book, discuss what she first predicted.

Has she understood?

After you read a story together, ask questions to know how much she has understood. If  he/she can’t answer your questions, you should assist him/her in finding answers in the book.

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