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Summer Vacation Project Ideas

Summer Vacation Project Ideas

Summer vacation is the best time for students to hone their creative bent of mind. Teachers can suggest a number of fun projects that can be done at home for their student. This will keep them occupied as well give them an opportunity to unleash their creative side and give their ideas a physical form.

For middle and intermediate school students, teachers may assign project on any subject, as the imaginative area of these students are quite wide. It is better to stick to science projects for younger children. All topics related to these subjects can be found in umpteen numbers. Students will be eager to learn the process of experimenting and analyzing. They will get a sense of satisfaction from the process as they see their hard work bear fruits.

Most students do not have any interest in Mathematics and consider it too hard or boring. So, it is up to the teacher to ensure they do not forget the concepts. Make sure to suggest projects related to mathematics, which show them the fun side of mathematics and inculcate a love for the subject in them.

Some project ideas for various classes are as follows:

Grade 1st to 4th

·Making a volcano model

·Making a compass

·Preparing the solar system

·Creating a project on egg flotation

Grade 5th and 6th

·Model airplanes

·Distillation of water

·Electricity generator

Grade 7th and 8th

·Understanding water and air pressure

·Use of prisms and spectrum

·Internal combustion engines

Grade 9th and 12th

·Environmental projects: Study of air, purification methods, study of shoreline, filtrating agent for heavy metals etc.

·Physical science: Understanding magnetic relaxation, accuracy of calculators, making a universal reflector etc.

Nowadays, performing these activities are simple with the help of science activity kits. Next Science kits come with a number of other fun projects and activities to inspire the little scientist in the student. It acts as the perfect DIY tool to keep the student engaged during their break. Through its fun-filled educational activities, a science kit will make the students think and learn by themselves in a hands-on manner.

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