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Teach Your Teens The Needed Tech Skills

Teach Your Teens The Needed Tech Skills

In the technology age when most of the children are often in front of computers, it is important that being a parent you should teach your child some necessary tech skills. Instead of letting your child simply do social networking or download games and songs, make him learn some tech skills for his future.


Typing can be termed as an important tech skill. You may find a plethora of typing practice websites. You can ask your child to visit those sites and practice typing. So instead of sitting all day on social networking sites, he can practice typing, which is in fact worth practicing.

Word Processing, Spreadsheets, PowerPoint

Gaining proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint is another vital tech skill. Teach your child beforehand how to frame or format a document, use a spreadsheet and work on slides. Knowing these tools comes quite handy when it comes to making projects and assignments or storing one’s study data. Once your child can work proficiently on MS-word, he can also improve his grammar and gradually, his writing skill.

Netiquette- Internet Etiquette

If you are allowing your child to sit on the internet for long hours, you must keep an eye on his netiquette as well, especially in the case of emails. Emails are undoubtedly the most essential way of communication; hence make sure your teenager knows how to write formal mails.

Adequate usage of internet

Internet is a wide sea of resources. However, is your child actually making its proper use? It is time to get on the field and find the answer. Children often use the internet for downloading pictures, songs, movies and games. Although some children may be careful consumers of web information, it is still important to use trusted search engines for information. Nevertheless, it is more vital to know which websites are trustworthy.

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Dheeraj Mehrotra

An educational innovator, author and experiential educator, he has authored numerous books on computer science and educational excellence.


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