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Technology Helps Make Students Comfortable In the Classrooms


comfortable2Owing to the extensive use of technology in education, it is clear that we are rapidly moving towards modernization in education. Today, due to hi-tech network and multimedia, the education sector has emerged as a fast developing field. Another prominent result of the use of technology in education is that there is an extensive change in the teaching and learning methods, styles, and content across many schools in India.

Today, students use a unique form of technology called cloud technology wherein they can easily submit and review their assignment regularly. When a school includes such facilities in a digital learning environment the classroom becomes much more comfortable and welcoming to students.

Finding the voice among others

The advantage of digital learning is also that it helps both introverted and extroverted students voice their views in a classroom. Usually, the extroverted ones dominate group discussions in a classroom.
With the help of web tools like message boards, forums and online lectures, students who are shy and hesitant can be empowered by the teachers in classrooms. Shy students often lack the confidence to find their voice and speak out in front of their peers.

So, online chat forums come in handy for such shy students before they can be groomed to voice out their opinions aloud offline. Therefore, it is a good start for such students as they become a part of the class discussions. This practice gradually helps inculcate self-confidence and the optimism in them to voice their concerns, views and opinions in a group.

With computers and digital elements in classrooms, students feel find studying more enjoyable. The aim of a teacher however should be to create such an atmosphere which makes every student want to study. Moreover, considering that the young students today are usually surrounded by computers, iPads and mobiles, bringing the same technology into the classrooms makes them feel easy and acquainted.

Making the study material relevant

Today, children browse social networking sites so teachers can even explore the option of creating online platforms for specific lessons, projects and assignments. Students often crib about the irrelevance of study material in its application in real-life. This is because they don’t get an opportunity experiment with and explore a concept in class on practical terms. So, it is important to include experiments both real and virtual with the help of technology.

Also, it is the responsibility of the teachers up to a great extent to incorporate the modern education technologies like online assignment and video lecture in the classrooms to help make the study material engaging, interactive and refreshing. Students apart from getting involved in studying through such innovative measures will understand the relevance and importance of the entire content, thereby showing more interest in studies and learning.


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