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There is great power in India’s youth: Narayana Murthy

INFOSYS CHAIRMAN EMERITUS N. R. Narayana Murthy has said that there is great power in India’s youth and the country should be proud of it. Speaking after receiving the Mother Teresa Memorial Award in Bengaluru, Mr. Murthy said that the youngsters in India were not lagging on any count behind those from any other country. “I have visited many countries, and have found that our youth are on par with those worldwide,” he said. Stressing the need to teach the youth by example, Mr. Murthy said that the elders had to lead by example. They themselves ought to adopt the values that they want their youngsters to cultivate, he also said, adding that elders should also be good role models. There is still hope for the country in its youngsters, Mr. Murthy said. “We must salute those who have made tremendous sacrifices and have shown extraordinary commitment to bring smiles to the faces of the poor and the helpless, like Mother Teresa did,” he also said. While the government is doing its best to remove poverty, it cannot do it alone, and so civil society, educational institutions and corporates have to be partners and provide a supporting hand, he added. The Mother Teresa Memorial award has been instituted by the Indian Development Foundation.

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