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Things a teacher expects from a parent

Things a teacher expects from a parent

As soon as your little one steps into a school, you have a dozen expectations from teachers who are going to be spending more time with your children than you are. However, there are some things teachers expect from you. Some may be too polite to spell these out; however, it’s worth getting a sneak peak into them.

  • Expects to let your child be independent: Give your child an opportunity to take care of himself. Buy him shoes that are easy to wear and remove. Let him wash his plate himself and work independently on his homework. Says Sunita Kumar, an English teacher in a Hyderabad-based school, “It’s a good idea to let students wash their own lunch plates and spoons by themselves. However, we thought it could get time-consuming. Parents must not smother love but just be caring letting the child do his own things.”
  • Expect you to communicate with them: Good teachers are accessible to parents at all times. Don’t hesitate to contact the teacher. If you have concerns regarding your child’s progress, speak to the teacher concerned rather than the principal. The chances are you will be directed to the teacher anyway.
  • Read the report card: Your children may be smart enough to come to you for an ‘autograph’ on their report cards during the busiest time of your day. But make sure you read the marks and comments by teachers. Teachers always appreciate a parent who is cued in and updated.
  • Look beyond grades: Keep in touch with your child’s development as a whole. Teachers teach life lessons and life skills every day. So, it is not just grades you must be looking at. If your child is suddenly beginning to socialize better or work much better in a group, then chances are a teacher is behind it.
  • Don’t let your children carry a cell phone at school: Texting in classrooms can be very distracting to teachers. It can highjack a teacher’s thought process while in a session. Confiscating cell phones is a harsh thing to do. Why do teachers do that? Besides, it is also a waste of time.
  • Be involved with the school: School functions, for instance, can get more fun once parents get involved with the needs during organizing them. Parents are not meant to just be an audience. You can also voice your opinion when it comes to deciding a school’s academic policies.

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